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We combine creative marketing strategies and tactics with the people-power you need to achieve your business goals.

We'd say you want your marketing to be easier - and more effective.

Let’s face it: connecting with and staying relevant to your current and future customers is not easy. But in today’s cluttered and busy world, it’s critical.

Since our founding in 2005, Red Whisk Creative has stepped in to partner with community-oriented and mission-driven businesses and nonprofits to help them streamline their marketing efforts.

Four words describe what we do:
strategy-based tactical execution.

Together, we will determine what marketing strategy and tactics will yield the most impactful results, and then we’ll get straight to work. 

To marketing overwhelm, we bid ye farewell.

As your marketing partner, we’ll begin by talking to you about your big-picture goals. From there, we can set a strategic, data-informed tactical plan to execute on your biggest opportunities.

Here’s what we can take off your plate:


Marketing Strategy 
Campaign Strategy 
Content Strategy 
Brand Strategy 
Audience Personas 
Competitive Analysis 
UX Strategy 


Digital Ad Campaigns 
Graphic Design 
UX Design 
Brand Campaigns 
Video Production 
Website Development 


Google Analytics 4 
Conversion Tracking 
KPI Evaluation 
Market Gap Analysis 
Market Research 
SWOT Analysis 
UX Research 


Content Optimization 
Journey Optimization 
Search Engine Optimization 
Search Engine Marketing 
A/B Testing 
30-60-90 Plans 

Want to explore working together? Get on our books. It’s complimentary!

The Who‘s Who of Red Whisk Creative

Mai Abe

Senior Brand Strategist

NYC ad agency-bred brand strategist and marketer with a knack for data and consumer insights. Runner, gardener, museum-goer and music school mom.

Melissa Allen

Senior Strategist

Marketing puzzle-solver who loves putting all the pieces together for her clients. Stargazer, animal rights advocate and proud caterpillar rescuer.

Betsy Burnett

Project Manager & Creative Consultant
Designs governance standards that make project managers go breathless. A true creative who loves oil painting, drawing and nature – and who never skips her weekly Orangetheory class.

Susanne Fey

Public Relations Consultant

Knows exactly how to get to the heart of a brand with authentic, differentiating, and compelling messaging and PR strategies. Home decorator, opera-lover and local restaurant connoisseur.

Jen Josephs

Senior Strategist

Human-centered designer turned marketer. Great at deciphering audience needs and motivation. Known for wearing blazers, mysticism, and mildly funny storytelling.

Catherine Kolbeck


Passionate team builder and problem solver connecting marketing to business goals. Loyal life coach, allergy-friendly foodie and shameless Francophile – especially when it comes to wine.

Nicole Krupela

Content Strategist

Creative writer turned copywriter who sees marketing as modern storytelling. Amateur weekend barista, Papas Party fangirl (#iykyk) and devout romance reader.

Julie Koehler

Certified public accountant and QuickBooks guru. Loves exploring national parks, experiencing new cultures and getting lost in historical fiction.

Adam Roach

That Guy

Not really a title person, if he’s being honest. Tech lover who turns ideas into usable products, like websites and apps. First-rate tinkerer, woodworker and disability rights advocate.

Katie Robinson

Creative Director

Strategic graphic designer with expertise across print, digital, branding, displays and marketing collateral.

Rebecca Seeman

Senior Creative Strategist

Lifelong creative and marketer bringing everyone’s wild ideas to life. Mother of three (2 humans, 1 schnoodle). Pilates lover, watercolorist and photography instructor to seniors with dementia.

Kelsey Zeller

Marketing Manager

Dedicated project manager with a talent for communicating across teams. A true people-person (and personal trainer!) who loves traveling the world with her two dogs and husband.

Erin O’Brien

Content Writer

Nashville-based blog queen balancing style with SEO. Big on interior design (though 5 kids make aesthetics a challenge). First mate and expert lunch planner for boat days on the lake.

Lana Schwartz


Lana, like banana. Brooklyn-based writer of books and comedy whose words have found their way into The New Yorker, among others. Culture observer, avid moviegoer and casual runner.

Colleen Sneed

Graphic Designer

Experienced print & digital designer helping brands evoke real emotion. Loves being a boy mom, playing tennis, directing church retreats and inspiring others to chase their goals.

Chris Clark

Digital Strategist

Better known as “Clark.” Digital marketing and communications strategist whose expertise in search predates Google. Proud baseball and dance dad.

Megan O’Brien

Brand Strategist & Designer

Award-winning strategist and creative genius known for asking smart questions. VP of the Patriot Training Foundation, energetic boot camp trainer and dedicated dog-mom to Ginger.

As marketers, we practice peopleology, meaning we help brands connect with consumers as real people, not just as buyers or donors.

And it makes all the difference.

Featured Client Work

More commonly known as JCCs, Jewish Community Centers are dedicated to fostering togetherness and connection among Jewish communities across America.

The Red Whisk team has a combined 85 years of Jewish non-profit and fitness organization marketing experience. See how we help JCCs put their mission into action and drive real, measurable results.

8112 Maryland Ave Suite 400 | Clayton, MO 63105